Many community are have a place garbage. This is place not good a smell because of the many garbage. But this place or this garbage are so helpful to people this is work. Kinakalkal  the  garbage to have a food everyday using this work recycle. if you recycle many things you have save to you buy and to your successful life.

If you work this, you need your protection your healthy body. Then if you throw your garbage think your self to use 4Rs like reduce, recycle, reuse and recovery. simple thing like a only garbage this is you give a hope to success your self and this work is not illegal this is so very legal because no person you disturb and no person you not respect.

My message of many people throw own garbage, need you use 4Rs to protect community, environment and also your healthy lifestyle. To avoid sicks and diseasses.  And also need your own discipline, respect and your environment and community. To do not add this world a problem, then the only important this  topic is also respect your self and discipline.